Pan-African Policy Taskforce

A well-connected startup ecosystem encourages generous information exchange between entrepreneurs, organisations and policymakers – as well as extensive peer-to-peer learning.

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About the Policy Taskforce

A vibrant startup ecosystem can only be achieved through an environment where entrepreneurs have the support they need to thrive, funding flows for startup growth, and lessons learnt and knowledge of how things work in the startup world are shared.

The Pan-African Policy Taskforce is a participant-led platform co-led by Smart Africa Alliance, i4Policy and The Tony Blair Institute. The Taskforce was created from a collective need voiced by the African startup ecosystem to cultivate connections, enable the flow of information, and provide a venue where specific expertise, learnings and best practice can be shared. 

The Taskforce convenes policymakers and broader startup ecosystem players to both learn about and co-develop policies that strengthen startup ecosystems across the continent. It supports peer-to-peer learning and partnership across entrepreneurs, startups and ecosystem players, and it facilitates the identification of areas where legislation can be strengthened and/or introduced to support startup ecosystems as well as the development of actions for implementation. 

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The Taskforce is a peer-to-peer learning platform. As a member, you will meet peers experienced with developing and implementing entrepreneurship, startup or innovation policies. You will be able to leverage the expertise of other participants and can expect to learn about - and share - key lessons, challenges and factors of success in implementing different aspects of entrepreneurship, startup or innovation policies. There is no membership fee or requirement, but the platform is geared towards policymakers, civil society organisations, donor institutions and ecosystems players. Interested in becoming a member of the Taskforce? Please reach out and get in touch!

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